Competence evaluation requires several criteria and guidelines to be formalised in a normalised framework that can act as a reference for those who need to assess someone's skills and abilities in the most objective way. Those criteria encompass metrics, classifications, repertoires, techniques, benchmarks, causes, consequences, solutions, interrelations, compatibilities, enhancement paths, and many other principles and tools.

All these criteria have to comprehend both cognitive and non cognitive competencies of a person, as the adequacy assessment for a working role cannot keep these two strongly interrelated categories distinct.

Even if there exists a vast literature on many of these specific aspects, a comprehensive collection of guidelines is not as yet available for approaching in a good and coherent way the key problem of a person evaluation.

Our aim is to gather all the works already available on these issues, in a systematic repertoire by the way of an interdisciplinary team, composed by both scientists and stakeholders, who will publish and maintain subsequent releases of the Frameworks.

These Frameworks will be used both as a common foundation on which to set up courses to train the professionals involved in the competency assessment, and to build the evaluation tools they will need and, more in general, to allow a better and practical understanding of the complex phenomena of the human mind.


Competency Evaluation and Qualification Frameworks

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