All of our activities are organised in formal bodies and working groups


Board >

The role of the Board is to provide strategic directions, govern and supervise CEQF's core and administrative activities, evaluate the admission of members, and more in general guarantee its mission achievement and continuous commitment.The Advisory Board and the Board Task Force support Board's activities.

Scientific Committee >

The Scientific Committee acts as a consulting team for both the Board and the research groups, supervising the adequacy of the groups activities and the quality of their outcomes.

Ethics Committee >

The Ethics Committee ensures that every activity and outcome meets the ethical standards and scientific merit involving human participants.

Research Groups

Distinct by foci and topics, they are the actual core of our activities.

Currently we are running five research groups:

for defining the criteria relative to the Non Cognitive Skills and publish and maintain its reference Framework

for defining the criteria to evaluate extra-curricular competencies according to the European Quality Framework

for defining the criteria for assess, classify and certify the professional skills, publishing and maintaining the Professional Quality reference Framework

for defining the criteria for classify and certify the work experiences, publishing and maintaining the eXperience Qualification reference Framework

for defining the criteria for understand, recognise and evaluate the cognitive and non cognitive skills in persons carrying neuro diversity, and publish and maintain the Neuro Diversity Skills reference Framework


Competency Evaluation and Qualification Frameworks

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